I Think Carbs Are My Soulmate!

They say true love has a habit of coming back! While it’s been true for me all the time, there’s a small hidden clause attached to this concept which no one mentioned. As we all know, love doesn’t always mean a romantic relationship or a passionate lover. This four-letter word has more depth than any of Atticus’s poetry. Love can be with a person or any living thing for that matter, and also, it can be with a non-living thing. Am I losing the plot? Or are you still reading?

Right, so as I said before, love can be for anything. It can be a hobby. Let’s say you “love” to dance, and it is that special thing that makes you feel alive each time you hit the floor. It can be a book you have read over and over and still reach out for it on your gloomy days. That’s love, and yes, the things you love with all your heart don’t leave you that easy.

In my case, I have a strong feeling that the love of my life is “carbs.” Hey! Don’t laugh! I didn’t judge you for all the crazy things that you love. Let me at least explain. Remember the feeling you get when you see your best friend? Or when a lover drops by to surprise you? Or when you are in your saddest mood and the radio station plays your favorite song? That’s what I feel when I see ‘carbs.’ And, it’s not like that I only eat all day and do nothing or live an unhealthy lifestyle. When you love music, you don’t keep singing all day or listening to it for straight 24-hours, right. I know moderation is the key.

But yes, it’s the only thing that has always made me feel better and, most importantly, happy. And even though I want to have that bikini model figure and have even tried various diets and workouts to achieve it. I don’t think that oh-so-perfect body will give me the satisfaction that I get on eating a big slice of freshly baked pizza. I tell myself again and again that I have to give up on all my unhealthy eating habits, but then I see these lip-smacking pictures and reels on my Instagram account and go back to being a slave to carbs.

So courtesy of this so-called love of mine, I gained about 8 kgs of weight during the last lockdown. Yeah yeah.. they loved me back too.. While on one hand, carbs were giving me the comfort of the arms of a lover, on the other hand, my weighing scale was wanting to quit its job. So, I told myself again. I have to start eating healthy and not gain any more weight, and I enrolled myself in an online weight-loss program. It was difficult. Trust me… beating all those cravings was the hardest thing to do. But as soon as I started reaching closer to my goals, I started rewarding myself again with all the things that I love. And this time, it wasn’t just the food. I told myself, with each small achievement I will reward myself with one thing that makes me happy. And it helped more than all the self-help books that I read in all these years.

You see, love is not always those epic romantic scenes from films or books. Sometimes, it’s a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day. Sometimes, it’s just walking bare feet on the grass. It’s around us all the time, but thanks to these unrealistic societal pressures, we always focus on finding that one perfect person who can bring us, love. Nobody ever thinks about how much love we all have in our lives before that someone special’s existence.

Today, as we all are going through one of the hardest phases of our lives. All I want to do is remind you all to go back to doing the things that you truly, love. Be it dancing in the kitchen while cooking your favorite meal or humming an old song as you enjoy your first cup of tea. And then, you’ll experience the power of love and see how it keeps you and making you feel alive every second. This year trust those small things that made you happy as a child and who knows, maybe this true love will knock your door without you struggling to find one.

That’s a picture of me with the love of my life. I hope you find yours soon…


  1. Dee❤

    Yes yes yes a million times. Carbs are amazing and my lover plus sleep. This quarantine i added a lot of weight thanks to both of them and I’m loving it. Thank you for this amazing post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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